Medtecs Anti-Viral Spray (6 BOXES)


● 1 pc / box

● Nevoro Technique

○ It creates a sustained antiviral effect when sprayed on surface for up to 180 days.

○ It can suppress up to 99% of viral growth, including influenza virus, H1N1, enterovirus, MRSA, E. coli, and other various pathogens.

● No alcoholic content inside, no worries on sensitive skin.

● It is guaranteed by 38 global certification and test reports on characteristics of antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and odor-free.

● Use: Specially formulated to clean and disinfect surface

Ingredients: Water, TiO2, Ag+

Directions: Spray evenly from a 15-20 cm distance to surfaces or items such as facemasks, clothes, doorknobs, electronic devices.

Nevoro Technique

○ Make items coated with anti-viral / anti-bacterial material, which is environmentally, friendly, non-toxic and self-cleaning with ultra-high temperature resistance (under 500℃).

○ When activated, the material forms highly reactive hydroxyl radicals that suppress growth of viruses and bacteria, which is an ideal material to be applied to a variety of disease-prevention products.

● Storage: Store at room temperatures, and avoid direct sunlight.

● Cautions

○ May discolor certain fabrics or surfaces. Do a spot test first.

○ Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

○ Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help immediately.

○ For external use only.

*For reasons of hygiene and public safety, we cannot accept exchange or returns on these products after they have been used or opened. Please contact Customer Service if you need further assistance.

MSRPUS$ 101.40
US$ 81.93
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Hong Kong, Macau

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Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore

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Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, People's Republic of Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

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Micronesia, Australia, Bangladesh, Fiji, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan

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America, Canada

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Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino, Belgium, Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain, France, Glen sea Islands, Greece, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Andorra, Gibraltar, United Kingdom, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Monaco, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, Liechtenstein, Vatican City, Latvia, Republic of Ireland

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United Arab Emirates, Albania, Armenia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bahrain, Brazil, Bhutan, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, French Guiana, Gaia That, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Amman, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Paraguay, Qatar, Serbia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Turkey, Venezuela

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Cameroon, Namibia, Costa Rica, New Caledonia, Cuba, Niger, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Djibouti, Nicaragua, Dominica, Noro, Dominican Republic, Niue, Algeria , Panama, Eritrea, Tahiti, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Falkland Islands, Palau, Faro Islands, Reunion Island, Gabon, Russia, Grenada, Luanda, Georgia , Solomon Islands, Ghana, Seychelles, Greenland, Sudan, Gambia, St. Helena, Republic of Guinea, Lion Rock, Guadalupe, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Somalia, Guatemala, Suriname , Guam, South Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Syria, Canary Islands, Swaine, Northern Iraq, Turks and Caicos Islands, Iran , Chad, Iceland, Togo, Jamaica, Tajikistan, Kenya, East Timor, Khuzestan, Turkmenistan, Kiribati, Tunisia, Comoros, Tonga, Denmark, Saint Christopher, Trinidad, North Korea, Tuvalu, Cayman Islands, Tanzania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Uganda, Antigua, Saint Lucia, Uzbekistan, Anguilla, Liberia, Saint Vincent Islands, Angola, Lesotho, British Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Libya, U.S. Virgin Islands, Argentina Rubi, Morocco, Vanuatu, Barbados, Republic of Moldavia, Samoa, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Banani, Burundi, Marshall Islands, Curaçao, Benin, Mali, St. Statues, Bermuda, Mongolia, Sint Maarten, Bahamas, Northern Mariana Islands, Nevis, Botswana, Martinique, Somaliland, Belarus, Mauritania Asia, St. Bedtime Islands, Belize, Montserrat, Yemen, Republic of Congo, Mauritius, Mayotte, Central African Republic, Maldives, South Africa Congo, Malawi, Zambia , Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Cook Islands

Medtecs Anti-Viral Spray (6 BOXES)
Medtecs Anti-Viral Spray (6 BOXES)

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